Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Morning Wonderful Women of the World!

Goooood morning!
Day 1 of my journey to self sufficiency and I'm actually feeling pretty darn good. I received a FedEx today, my final paycheck.
Luckily, they decided to be ever so kind and pay me, also, for any float days and vacation time I had left. So generous. Oh well. I basically have a paycheck and a half to live on until I get a waitressing job so, that should be alright. As much as I know unemployment is available, I have a hard time leaching off the government if I don't absolutely have to. The way things are going, government will be telling me when to eat lunch and brush my teeth pretty soon, too. I'd like to remain in a democracy as long as I can and fend for myself if at all possible.

But that is neither here nor there because, after all, I will not be depending on paychecks for too much longer anyway.

I'm applying around to restaurants and I'm actually more excited about that than I have ever been about a corporate job. Shocking, I know.

I'm in the process of getting together all of my Etsy shops. I will have about 8 of them, and one website. The website will be a gateway to all of my shops. Why so many shops, you ask?

Well....I can't decide on just one. And why should I? I love creating items in various themes, so...I"ll have a shop for every one of them. At least there will be ONE website to send people to. This website will have pages, one for each Etsy shop I own, with a gallery for each one of what I have there. Then a link to that shop. It's a streamlined way for people to see what I have and find what they like without having to give them 8 business cards.

As for craft shows, I can't even think about them until January unfortunately. I love doing them, but...right now I just can't. Hey I never promised that I'd be able to do everything I wanted on day one. There are clearly things I must do to prepare, but overall I'm feeling really great about it. a side note...this blog is also for women who HAVE made their own way in life and are running their own business and/or being their own boss and supporting themselves. You women are what we aspire to be, and your wisdom and lessons learned from having completed the journey I and probably many of the followers of this blog are on is invaluable. So please, follow and comment and lend us any morsels of wisdom or advice you see fit! :) Or just read and follow, that's great too!

Speaking of which, 2 followers and 2 comments in one day! You guys rule! I'm so glad there are already women out there who connect to this.

Plans for the day:
Drink lots and lots of coffee.....because for one thing, it's better than that  office coffee anyway, and for another thing, I won't survive without it.

Sew and create like there is no tomorrow. With nothing to sell, I won't have much of a store, so I plan on creating and creating. A visit to my wonderful grandma is in order, who will show me how to line a coin purse! I'm pretty excited about that.

Listen to some good music, because what is life without a soundtrack.

Plan, draft, create, and plan some more for my shops. I already have a  banner and avatar for my one of my shops. I purchased it from who is an AMAZING graphic artist for anyone who is looking for one. is also phenomenal. I usually work with ajoyfulstudio. The woman can literally create anything you want. I mean anything. She's phenomenal. These 2 women are the best graphic designers I've seen yet and I use them both religiously. =)

Go Here for SkyFireGraphics
Go Here for AJoyfulStudio

From time to time I will be posting treasuries I'm in, new items I have, and other items I just love on Etsy.
I am currently working on a coin purse for my shabby chic seaside-themed shop called Seascapes and Shorelines. If you love shabby chic style, my dear friend and wonderful craftsperson has a shop you might like called The Shabby Chic Cottage.

For now, I'm off to create. I'll be back tomorrow!

Follow, post, and spread the movement of Happily Unemployed Women. Entrepreneurial women are, I believe, some of the happiest women in the world. We get to do what we love, be our own boss, get paid what WE dictate via our prices, have time to go live life, be with those we love, and when the time comes be with our children should we have them. Life is not a 3x3 cubicle working my booty off for someone else to make what I should be getting. Being paid a fraction of my labor is NOT my idea of a good time. And if you agree, well cheers to you. Keep reading!

I may post again later today, but for now, enjoy the photo below. =)
This is my autumn wreath. I hope you love it! I'll be posting it to my website soon!
:) More to come!
Have a beautiful day, ladies!

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