Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Irony Of Corporate America

Hello everyone!

Well, yesterday I sold some jewelry at Serenity Salon, a beautiful salon in Seal Beach, CA. They do everything: hair, nails, skin....I really highly suggest you visit there! They do amazing work! The owner graciously allows me to sell there at the salon a couple of times a week, and I can't thank her enough for it! For personalized attention and a salon where you feel like family, you should visit here. Click here to visit their website.

I sold $50 worth of jewelry, which isn't a terrible day. However, I'm going to move my high end line there! I think it will do better, so I'll be very excited to see how it goes!

I have a website up now! I have several lines of jewelry and handmade items, all with separate Etsy shops. So, I decided that I would create a "funnel website", if you will. Fables Boutique finally has a website! Click the link to view it.

I don't have everything on the website done yet. However, I plan on having it all completed (or at least having all the sections linked) by the end of the week. I'm photographing my lines this week, so there should at least be some items up and links back to my Etsy sites on Friday! =)

On to the subject I was pondering...corporate America is very ironic. Corporate America wants you to believe that it's offering you a better life. Work hard and you can have everything you want! Money, a big house, a nice car, etc. etc. etc.

You ever wonder why 50% of American couples end up in divorce? Probably because of some combination of adultry and corporate America.

Corporate America tells you to work long hours, put the time in, be "dedicated" and "committed". And what does that get you? Longass hours working at a job that doesn't pay you near what you deserve (though it's probably good money by society's standards), making you work your butt off for suits that won't think twice to get rid of you at any given moment. And who's left behind? Your family. Your wife, husband, kids, whoever it is that means a lot to you that you want more time with. But you can't have more time with them because you're a company's paid slave. So where does that leave you? With a nice house, a nice car, and no family.

I've had a taste of being self employed and having my own online business creating crafts, etc. since I've been unemployed. And you know, I've never worked harder. I do work long hours, but I work long hours on MY terms, in MY home. If I want to take a break and go to lunch with a friend, I can. If I want to take an evening with my boyfriend, I can! If I want to watch Criss Angel Mindfreak until 2 in the morning......ok, fine, I did that when I was employed too. =)

But anyway, that's the irony to me of Corporate America. You're supposed to work your ass off with euphomisms like "dedication" and "commitment" for all the wonderful monetary things you want in life. Only to end up with all those physical things and nothing that actually matters in life.

*sigh* Well, I'm glad to be out of that. My amazing boyfriend, Chris, is in the process of becoming an EMT and I could not be prouder of him. I have this vision in my head of a life where he works a few shifts a week as an EMT as their schedule permits, I'm at home doing my jewelry and crafts, selling at craft fairs where time permits, and online. And then we have time to be together and go live life. It's kind of nice.And I see that becoming a reality more and more since becoming unemployed. I wanted that when I was employed in Corporate America, but....I couldn't see it happening.

It's funny how when everything society tells you is stable is pulled from under you, you suddenly realize what you can do and what is possible. One of my coworkers told me this was the push I needed to do what I thought I couldn't do but knew I was meant to. I agree.

The universe found a way to do for me what I never would have done myself. I never would have quit my job, taken a leap of faith, and dove into this dream of mine. Never. But I was forced into it and I've never been happier and have never had more promise for the future of my business!

EVERYTHING happens for a reason. All you have to do is ride the ride and figure out what that reason is.

Off for now, ladies. Love you all, keep the strengh and faith and always remember you are beautiful and strong and you can accomplish ANYTHING! <3

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  1. I think Corporate America wasn't always as bad as it is today. I think we started out fine but several factors morphed it into the unwanted creature it is today. I think the issue is actually money... there is more than enough money for everyone to live well... even those without the means to. Everyone wants more of it, even if they don't need it and we've all convinced ourselves we have a right to it. So much do we think we have a right to it that we will do anything to get it. Doing anything leads to cutting corners and doing many less than desirable things. But I agree with you that what society tells us is not the way it is and we shouldn't strive for some sort of unified normality as none of us are normal! Nor should we be... our quirks make us... us! And I do think that trying to live up to some set standards are destroying who we are...
    But I'm glad that you are happy being self employed and I wish you much luck in that arena. I myself have a few internet shops and designs that I hope people will like enough to support my future endeavors. So take care and have fun in life!