Monday, September 27, 2010

YAY Business Cards!

I got my business cards today! I'm very excited. I had them done through VistaPrint. And while their shipping is outrageous at best, their services and products are unmatched. I love them, they are a world of help to business owners or soon to be business owners like us!

They link to my main website, . I've put a TON of work into that shop over the last week and I hope you all love it!

I found some jobs to apply for that actually have to do with craft blogging! Come on now, how great would that be!

I tihnk it's great that there are actually openings in our line of business! Nothing beats being your own boss, but why not write for someone, as well? I love it.

I have finally finalized a craft show. November 6th, please see my website for details! It's in Thousand Oaks, CA and it will be hosted by the Conejo Valley Moms. I won't be able to bring my jewelry there because there were already too many jewelers by the time I got around to applying, but I have ornaments, decorations, gifts, etc.

I'll also be customizing gifts for you right then and there! Yup! I have Christmas ornaments that will be available for purchase that are hand painted, and I will add your name to it or your family's name, your sister's it right then and there and it will be dry and ready in about 2 minutes thanks to Sharpie's acrylic paint pens! I love them, they are really great. They make hand-painting names a snap because you don't have to worry about flyaway brush strokes and that sort of thing. Beautiful! :)

Well, do come down on November 6th, I can't wait to see you all there. Also, everything I sell at craft shows is sold at wholesale prices, so it's about half off the online prices! I also do sales online with the same discount for those wonderful customers of mine that can't come to the craft shows. One is going on this week, actually, at  !!

Stop by!

Thanks everyone for coming by! Anyone have any stories to share about success in their business??? Send me an email at and I'll post it here, anonymously or not, it's up to you.

We are women inspiring women here!

Also, I have made a new policy in my shop. 15% of what I make goes directly to the church I attend. They have a great ministry at the City of Children in Mexico, saving thousands of children's lives and providing pajamas and Christmas gifts, education and, so importantly, the love of God, as well as water, food, and a place to live. It is truly a beautiful ministry and all support is appreciated! <3

I love you all and hope you all are doing great, making some great strides in your business and life and keeping a smile on your face!

Let's go make some crafty goodness! <3

God Bless

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