Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Unemployed Does Not Mean Unsuccessful! Entrepreneurial Women of the World UNITE!

Yesterday I lost my job.

I worked at a sales job, at a big company, making a good salary.

Most people looked at my job and said that I was successful.

I hated it.

Today I woke up and I did not cry, I did not freak out. And I have plenty of reason to. I have 7 credit lines I'm paying off, all with minimum payments, and one more paycheck to live off of until I find a job.

I am not applying to any office job or corporate job. I am applying to be a waitress. And this is why.

I had an epiphone when I got fired. Instead of being upset, I was happy. I was relieved. I woke up this morning and didn't hate life. I woke up and felt like I actually had some control over what the heck I'm doing with my life now!

I am an artist. I sew, I make jewelry, I do engraving art and a myriad of other things. I have a few shops on Etsy that I'm narrowing down to a small few and focusing on in the near future. I am talented, and there is no reason that I can't be TRULY successful. On MY terms.

So here is my blog, where I raise my glass to all unemployed women who have dreams of being their own boss. Novelists, artists, book keepers, nannies, I don't care what you do who you are how old you are or where you live, this blog is for you!

If you have a dream, GO FOR IT!

I define unemployed as someone who, whether you have a job or not, is not doing what they want to do and would be HAPPY to be "unemployed" by society's standards and have your own life and your own business doing your own thing!

CHEERS to you! Follow this blog for awhile, and you'll get new motivation every day, I promise you. I'll be updating this blog daily, as you follow my journey on my way to doing what I want to do with my life and learning more about me, I hope you can connect with me and find the strength and inspiration somewhere in these feeble words of mind to smile and face the day knowing you, too, can make something of yourself on YOUR terms.

Entrepreneurial women of the world unite!

This blog is for you.

Today is merely an introduction, but tomorrow I will begin the real bulk of the blog.

I'm so glad you've stopped by and I really hope that soon many women will be following this, laughing, sharing sorrows, joys and life with me, and finding other women to connect with who are in the same situation.

As for me, yes I am seeking a waitressing job right now. I don't suggest being irresponsible. As much as I'd love to say screw it! I'm unemployed, let's go start on those coin purses to sell, I know that I do have bills and that UNTIL that becomes wildly successful and my crafts and art is my business, I do need an income.

But a cubicle is not my idea of a life. And so.....here I go....


  1. Hey! It's Marie! I'm with you. We can do it, and we will. ;)

  2. I am eager to watch your journey progress!