Thursday, October 28, 2010

Collections and Conjectures


I've posted a collection here that I curated. I hope you like it! If you love purple, you certianly will. There are some amazing artisans on ArtFire, and so I've been happy to compile my first ArtFire collection! Hope you will click and comment and view these wonderful artists' shops.

Secondly, I had a conjecture today. I was trying to think of why I am not having a whole lot of luck lately when it comes to my handmade adventure. And I think that perhaps I have a bit of a skewed outlook on corporate America.

Don't get me wrong, I still think that the good majority of it is messed up. also dawned on me that every big corporation started somewhere. And every big corporation is a beacon of hope that maybe I will be running my own business some day, too. I think, though, that small businesses deserve more credit than they get. And I'll never want to be a CEO. But for all my ranting and raving about Corporate America and its ills, it does have some good sides, as well, and some hope for the rest of us.

Heck, most of the jobs I'm applying for are corporate. However, I'm still hanging on to my dream that my business will take off quickly before I need to rely on Corporate America for my income.

Anyone want to share something they think brings them success? How has everyone been anyway?

Wanted to keep this post short since the last one probably made you want a root canal because it would be less painful. So I leave you with bright colors and beautiful items! <3

Have a great day!

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