Friday, October 1, 2010

Cartfly Store Up and Running!

So I have a couple of updates.

One, is that I now have a cartfly account for my vintage inspired line. I love the look and feel of the vintage and cameo line I have called Phoebe's Attic, and so I may eventually narrow everything down to just that. At least it would be SIMPLE lol. 23 Etsy shops can get a little overwhelming let me tell you.

Uh oh....I think I just heard 10 Etsy sellers pass out at that number. Yeah TWENTY THREE. lol.

But for right now, my main website and Phoebe's Attic are all I am really promoting.

Anyway below is my cartfly shop, if you want to visit it. I will be adding nearly all of my items today. *sigh* lol. appears that for now, that's all I got! Oh I saw Devil yesterday. VERY good!!!!
Very scary, too, particularly for us religious folks out there lol.

Alrighty then, talk to you all later! <3

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