Saturday, October 30, 2010

In Love With A Dead Man

I've recently discovered Mr. Richard Henry Dana, Jr. This amazing author wrote the classic "Two Years Before The Mast" and lived in one of the most exciting times in US History, I believe. At least if you are a literary.

He was quite handsome, too, actually and was one of the first to sit before New England's first daguerreotype, a type of camera that was the 10 megapixel of the day.

This man was born into wealth, yet chose to adventure humbly as a regular seaman aboard the Pilgrim.

The injustice seen in the way of how seamen were treated and exploited and the hardships they had to endure inspired  him to puruse a career in Maritime law with his Harvard degree. Always himself and never conformed to the proper life he was born into, this man wrote amazing works and did amazing things as an attorney.

I was inspired by this to present some handmade items in Maritime fashion. I hope you love them!

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